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Karegivr provides safe and trusted service and assistance to senior citizens and those in need! With only one tap inside the app, a Karegivr is on the way !

One of our trusted Karegivr Pros will be sent to you in real-time or on an appointment basis. Whether it's walking the dog, grabbing groceries or just needing transportation - We've got a solution for it all !

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Schedule Tasks

Set the time, date and tasks required and a Karegivr Pro will be sent to help in real-time.

Easy Payment

Payment is simple ! We accept credit and apple pay directly from the palm of your hands!

Safe & Secure

Safety is our top priority. We take all precautionary measures to ensure the security of our Karegivr users and employees.

Trusted Professionals

Every Karegivr Pro goes through a multi-faceted screening process and background check before their first task is scheduled.


Whether it's walking the dog, grabbing groceries, needing transportation, or even just a friend - We've got a solution for it all !

It all depends on how quick you submit the required information. It may take between 2 and 10 business days.

No, as long as you can pass our vetting proccess you can become a Karegivr Pro

Download the Karegivr Pro app and fill out our vetting application, we will get back to you when the application has completed review




Karegivr is coming soon to IOS & Android

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